How to use an organizing tactic in big retail (or nonprofits)

I read a lot about what brands are up to in the marketing world and one of the most genius efforts I’ve come across lately comes from an unlikely player: Goodwill.

I’m talking about the nonprofit that operates secondhand stores to help support its work providing job training and other crucial services to youth, veterans and people with disabilities or special needs.

It’s an incredible organization. But while I’ve personally scored some gems at Goodwill, the stores themselves have never been super chic. They’re generally a little rough around the edges and improvised, which is befitting of any good bargain basement. Now, as part of a new effort to broaden the customer base, Goodwill recently renovated some of its department stores to look more like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie stores. 

What if there were a way to find the most influential fans of Urban Outfitters, plot them geographically to find the ones who live near Goodwill’s new stores, and mobilize them to talk about the chic second-hand boutiques?

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